Monday, May 10, 2021

Jerusalem: UK government must intervene to de-escalate situation

Responding to the rising tension in Jerusalem, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Layla Moran MP said:

“I am alarmed by the growing unrest and violence in Israel and Palestine.
“First and foremost, we need to recognise that Israel has broken international law with its evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and ignited a tinderbox.
“The Israeli Government’s decision to use airstrikes in Gaza will only make this conflict worse. Children have died. 
"Violence only begets violence. Hamas also needs to stop its attacks.
"It has to stop. Enough is enough. 
“I call on the British Government to intervene in the strongest possible terms. We need an urgent de-escalation of this situation, now. I urge the Foreign Secretary to work with our international partners to help facilitate that. 
“My thoughts are with all those who have been wounded and killed in the strikes. It is a tragedy that lives have been lost.”

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