Monday, May 08, 2017

May's failing immigration target will only harm economy - Paddick

Responding to reports that the Conservatives are sticking to their failed 10,000 immigration target, Shadow Home Secretary Brian Paddick said:

“This is yet another Conservative pledge that they will inevitably break.Theresa May seems to have forgotten everything she learnt in the Home Office – you cannot have a successful economy if you restrict immigration that much. It seems like the Conservatives are intent on harming our economy, first with a Hard Brexit that will yank us out of the Single Market and cost jobs, and now this.

"The Brexiteers told us that leaving the EU would mean we could be more generous to our Commonwealth partners, it is now clear that this was another Leave lie.

"The Liberal Democrats are the only party standing up for an open, tolerant and united Britain where immigration is controlled but welcomed as something that adds value to our economy and our communities."


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