Sunday, May 21, 2017

Senior NHS figure tears apart May on NHS pay and right to remain

Norman Lamb has criticised the government following revelations by Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, that staff were set to leave the health service due to the government's pay freeze and failure to guarantee the right to remain of EU citizens.

Norman Lamb, a former health minister, said:
“This is a powerful indictment of Conservative under-funding of the NHS. A very senior NHS figure has told Theresa May to face up to the pay crisis, but Theresa May just doesn’t seem to care.

“Liberal Democrats have committed to end the pay freeze that is driving dedicated staff out of the NHS and care system.

“We have also called for an ‘NHS passport’ to guarantee the right to remain of much valued EU citizens who are leaving the health service because of Theresa May’s cold-hearted refusal to assure those staff that they will be free to remain."

Frank Little, Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Neath, added:

"Though Health is a devolved issue, Mrs May's attitude to foreigners affects staffing in Wales as well as in England. As to pay, First Minister Carwyn Jones is always blaming the Westminster government's starving Wales of funds for low wages in the Welsh NHS. A vote for Liberal Democrats and an increase of £300m per year for Wales for Health would leave him with no excuses."

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