Saturday, September 04, 2021

Another 'Winter of Discontent' looms due to Tory failure

Reflecting on the series of crises that are erupting under the Conservative Government, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Treasury Christine Jardine MP said:

"The Government has spent months lurching from crisis to crisis, and the consequences will be felt by normal families as we head towards Christmas. 

"From driver shortages to the lack of food on shelves, to huge backlogs in our NHS and courts, it is clear Boris Johnson is steering us towards another Winter of Discontent.

"His Government is wilfully exacerbating the problem by pulling away furlough and taking away the Universal Credit uplift, which will hit the worst off in society hardest."

"This all comes amid rising Covid cases as children return to schools. History tells us this dithering, incompetent Government will fail to get a grip of the situation once again."

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