Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Johnson's social care plan won't fix crisis and is a broken promise, says Ed Davey

Responding to the news that Boris Johnson has failed to produce a sustainable social care plan and broken his election promise not to raise national insurance, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey MP said:
“This is yet another broken promise from the Conservatives that will hit working families hard. Boris Johnson gave voters a cast iron guarantee that he would not raise National Insurance – and now he’s breaking voters’ trust again. 
“Even worse, the Government’s plans won’t fix the social care crisis. Our loved ones will still not get the quality care they need.
“This is two broken promises in one: a betrayal of taxpayers especially the low paid, young and small business and a betrayal of carers and people who need care.
“People deserve a Government they can trust, and that’s clearly not a Conservative one. That’s why voters across the Blue Wall are turning to the Liberal Democrats instead.”

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