Tuesday, September 14, 2021

National Insurance tax hike risks breaking backbone of the economy

Speaking today in Parliament ahead of the vote on the government’s manifesto-breaking plans to increase National Insurance, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said:

“This is a jobs tax, but much worse than that. It’s a tax on nurses who on average will pay an extra £270 more per year. It’s a tax on our teachers, police and care home workers. the very same people who have kept the country going throughout this pandemic.

“It’s a tax that will disproportionately hit low earners, at a time families are already seeing their income squeezed by the pandemic.

“This is the worst possible time to be hitting families and businesses with a crippling and unfair tax hike.

“Instead of boosting hiring and spending, this will damage confidence and investment. The government is not only breaking its promise to the electorate, it risks breaking the backbone of our economy.”

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