Monday, September 13, 2021

Tory government tells MPs not to raise cases of people abandoned in Afghanistan

The Government has told MPs to stop taking up the cases of Afghan nationals who are still in the country and in need of help.
In a letter to MPs, Home Office minister Victoria Atkins said that the Government will not be able “to respond to colleagues with specific updates on individuals” given the “deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan.”
MPs are being told by the Government to signpost individuals towards the Government’s resettlement schemes “rather than seek to pursue cases on their behalf.”
Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, said:
"The Conservatives have turned their back on vulnerable people desperate to flee the terror of the Taliban, and are now telling MPs we should give up trying to help them too.
“It is utterly disgraceful. People are trapped in their homes fearing when the knock at the door may come, now they have lost one of their last lifelines. 
“This has been a complete shambles from the start with devastating consequences. First, MPs were put on hold for hours on end, and now we are simply being fobbed off.  
“Just because the Government has given up on people, doesn’t mean the Liberal Democrats will. We will continue pushing for safe and legal routes to ensure those in danger are able to escape the country and seek safety abroad.”


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