Monday, September 20, 2021

Ed Davey on energy crisis: Taxpayers risk footing bill for government failures

Commenting on the gas energy crisis, Liberal Democrat leader and former Energy Secretary Ed Davey said:
“The Conservatives have taken their eye of the ball by failing to insulate millions of people’s homes and diversify our energy supply. Now taxpayers risk having to foot the bill for the Conservatives’ energy policy failures over the last six years.
“We now need urgent action to end this crisis and prevent families having to choose between eating and heating this winter.
“Today ministers must restore calm to the market and consider creating a Northern Rock style energy company to take on customers of companies that have gone under.
“But we also need a massive home insulation programme so we are prepared for the next crisis. The Liberal Democrats are demanding that all UK homes are upgraded within ten years - including fully funded grants for those in fuel poverty and on low incomes.”

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