Saturday, November 09, 2019

Boris Johnson should call Cobra meeting over flooding emergency


Responding to Boris Johnson's comments that the significant flooding across the UK is not a national emergency, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Communities and Local Government and the Northern Powerhouse Tim Farron said:
“For Boris Johnson to say that he does not consider this a national emergency is insulting to those in the midst of a crisis.

“This shows he doesn’t care about families across the North of England and the Midlands, many of whom are in urgent need of rehousing, have lost their businesses and whose mental health is being impacted.
“There is a human cost to the Prime Minister’s self-interested drive to remain on an election footing. Instead he should put the individuals affected first, call a COBRA meeting, and provide support to those that urgently need it.”

Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Environment, said:
“My thoughts are with all of those affected by the floods and I would like to thank the emergency services for their efforts to keep people safe.
“We are facing a climate emergency and severe weather episodes are likely to become more common. It is up to government to introduce policies to mitigate against flood risk and the Tories have not done enough to protect at-risk communities.
“A Liberal Democrat government will establish a flood-prevention fund focused on providing support for small community and council-led schemes. We will invest to reduce upstream flooding and the knock-on effects in downstream and coastal areas, in addition to improving flood defences, and introducing high standards for flood resilience for buildings and infrastructure in flood-risk areas."

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nigel hunter said...

It is certainly a national emergency to those who are hit by flooding.To see Johnson in a photo that looks like he is enjoying enjoying the event as in other photos of him looking straight at the camera NOT on the people or event around him does not stir confidence in him.
Climate change will see these events happening more often.Nutrients washed away from the soil creating barren soil no use for plants or grass providing food for farmers to produce food which will be the consequences of not seriously considering floods.