Thursday, November 28, 2019

Lib Dems respond to Health Foundation report on NHS staffing crisis

Responding to a report by the Health Foundation on the severe shortage of nurses facing the NHS, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Health, Well-being and Social Care Luciana Berger said:

“This report is clear –there are serious NHS staffing gaps. The NHS is under significant pressure and there are serious questions about the quality and safety of care that patients are receiving today. 
“Without doctors and nurses from abroad coming to work in our hospitals, the NHS is sunk.  Yet Boris Johnson's plans for a Nurse Tax would mean EU nurses and other health professionals have to pay to work in the NHS.
“Either a Conservative Brexit or a Labour Brexit would make the staffing crisis worse by driving away the EU health professionals we need.
“Liberal Democrats would stop Brexit to support our NHS workforce, introduce an NHS recruitment strategy and invest £7 billion a year in health and social care.”

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nigel hunter said...

Nurses,doctors charged to come here, more than likely will not come.
Medical training school Londonderry SHELVED
UK takes a hit from Lower economic development equals less money to maintain the NHS
It collapses cos of Johnson Brexit deal
Leaves it open to 'restructuring' (US style plus rich pickings).

Corbyn gets in 'renegotiates'?!(over what period of time?) delay again economy reduces NHS STILL takes a hit.

Brexit is a disaster stay in the EU