Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Food bank rise the result of brutal Tory cuts to universal credit

Responding to data from the Trussell Trust which shows April to September 2019 to be the busiest half-year period for food banks in their network since the charity opened, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for the Department for Work and Pensions, Tim Farron said:

“The UK remains one of the world’s richest countries, yet for six months of this year 823,145 emergency food parcels were given to people in crisis.
“With financial vulnerability the leading cause of food insecurity, the Conservative’s brutal cuts to Universal Credit since 2015 and their senseless two-child limit, the lives of millions have worsened under the Conservatives.
“Liberal Democrats will bring in a new legal right to food, tackle poverty and build a brighter future by creating the circumstances in which food banks are no longer required.”

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nigel hunter said...

I understand that Chinese factory workers only get about £80 a week with less benefits. Can it be argued that the Tories wish to reduce wage levels ? That will push people to food banks . We need to remain in the EU for our protection.