Thursday, November 07, 2019

OBR pulling public finances forecast "smacks of political interference"

Responding to the news that the Office of Budgetary Responsibility will no longer be publishing updated forecasts of the public finances, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Ed Davey commented:

“It is outrageous that the Conservative Government is suppressing independent forecasts of the damage that Brexit would do to the UK economy and our public services.

“This smacks of political interference. Boris Johnson and the Conservatives only care about their own electoral prospects, and they know that being honest with the public would destroy them.

“The Government should publish the Office for Budget Responsibility’s forecasts immediately, so everyone can see the stark difference between a damaging Brexit and the brighter future the Liberal Democrats will build by stopping Brexit and investing the £50 billion Remain Bonus.”

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nigel hunter said...

So we now have a left leaning party that will spend billions and be openly attacked for it but also a right wing party that will equally spend billions but hide the fact to show they are 'better' whilst both are as bad.VOTE LIB DEM FOR BALANCE