Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Lib Dems announce war on plastics

Today the Liberal Democrats will set out a raft of policies as part of a radical plan to end the UK’s addiction to plastic.

These policies include:
  • Requiring all retailers to reduce the amount of plastics and non-recyclable packaging they use
  • Implementing a deposit return scheme
  • Ending plastic exports abroad by 2030

Following this announcement, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change, Wera Hobhouse said:

"The UK produces 2.26 million tonnes of plastic packaging every year, but less than half of this is being recycled. The Conservatives have claimed they will cut plastic pollution but all they have done in reality is attempt to get headlines with piecemeal bans on straws and stirrers.

"The Liberal Democrats demand better for our environment. We need a rapid plan to eliminate plastic pollution if our seas are to recover from the damage we’ve done.

"That is why the Liberal Democrats are proposing a radical plan that will end the UK's addiction to plastic. By banning all non-essential non-recyclable single-use plastics within the first three years of a Liberal Democrat government we will stop huge amounts of plastic pollution.

"Under the Liberal Democrats, no plastic put into a bin in the UK will end up in our oceans. 
By declaring a war on plastic the Liberal Democrats will ensure a brighter future for our planet."


nigel hunter said...

Plastic should not be burnt it SHOULD be recycled. Imagination should come to the for for example it could be used to to make small boats or develop (with other fire retardant ingredients) housing insulation or even orna recycle it and ments that will be eventually antiques of value. Yes stop using it to save the planet and what is used can remind us of how close we came to wrecking the planet so it does not happen again.

Frank Little said...

There are plastics and plastics. Some cannot be recycled - at least, at present.