Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tories pushing 'Trumpian agenda' on immigration

Responding to Priti Patel’s comments regarding cutting overall levels of immigration, Liberal Democrats Shadow Home Affairs spokesperson, Christine Jardine said:
“This country needs people to come here to keep our NHS and so many sectors properly skilled and staffed. The Conservatives' approach to immigration is an insult to the millions who have come to the UK and made it their home. Immigration brings so much to our communities, culture and economy.
“Patel’s comments this morning show that the Tories only care about arbitrarily reducing immigration numbers with no regard for the consequences. Our public services, including our NHS, rely on the contribution that immigrants make. But the Tories are willing to put this at risk just to pursue a nationalist Trumpian agenda.  
“It is only the Liberal Democrats who will restore public confidence in the immigration system by preserving freedom of movement, stopping Brexit and building a brighter future.”

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nigel hunter said...

It is a farce to stop EU people coming in. They will just come from other countries IF they think we are a 'good place'.By creating artificial shortages of labour to encourage people to come here needs inducements ,money? If so it would be self defeating cos it could put up costs.